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This Book Helps You Understand:


*  The Truth About ADHD Assessments,

Diagnosis, and Treatment

*   Highly Gifted Children and 

Age-Appropriate Class Placement

*  Teacher Bias and Disproportionate Placement of Black Children 

in Special Education Classes 

*  The Importance of Parent Advocacy

*  The Value of the Homeschool Option


​Did you know there is no medical test for ADHD! We give our children toxic drugs for a diagnosis based on subjective opinion! Some children may truly struggle with ADHD difficulties, but many children (and a very disproportionate number of Black children) are falsely labeled and medicated.

Age-Appropriate Classes

Highly gifted children become painfully bored in age-appropriate classes that move much too slowly for them. Some react by moving around, talking, playing, and/or not doing classwork. If you're told your highly gifted child has a learning or attention disorder when really the class placement is the problem, you need to be prepared to advocate.


Teacher Bias and Special Education


You probably know if your child has learning difficulties; you probably know if the Special Ed evaluation is warranted. There are things you need to know when deciding whether to allow a Special Ed evaluation of your child.

Teachers may not be aware that they are judging Black students based on negative stereotypes--or the bias may be very consciously and deliberately acted upon. Either way, it's much too prevalent. Parents have to stand between their children and an unfair push for Special Ed placement.

Parent Advocacy is KEY!

Does your highly gifted child hate school because of ostracism or because of the lack of challenging lessons? Does your Black child hate school because of being treated unfairly by the teacher?


Either scenario could be a never-ending struggle, but how do you stand up for your child if s/he is both highly gifted and Black? BEYOND MIS-EDUCATION gives you information to help you advocate.


What About Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a viable option when schools cannot or will not provide the learning opportunities your child needs and deserves. BEYOND MIS-EDUCATION shows you an example of how homeschooling freed one gifted student to soar educationally, starting college at 14, with no learning or attention difficulties.




American public schools' treatment of Black students generally reflects American society's treatment of Black people, regardless of how capable and deserving they prove themselves to be. And then, of course, there are the under-funded, poorly staffed, hence under-performing schools in impoverished neighborhoods...





As for the gifted, public schools seem to feel that gifted concerns are elitist and worthy of ignoring. They'll say these children underachieve, when actually schools cause them to non-achieve since they've already achieved much more than schools want them to do. 

Black boys and highly gifted children are the most underserved and educationally suppressed students in public schools. Twelve years is a long time to entrust children to public schools and not understand what goes on. This book gives you a perspective you won't get anywhere else.



For help being the advocate

your child needs.

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"Your book gave me strength." 

~ Tion Langley, Parent


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Your book is badly needed by parents and the public in general who don't realize that public schools can and do mistreat and miseducate children for their own convenience and personal biases.

~ Richard Huntly

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