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In BEYOND MIS-EDUCATION, You Will See... hard public school tried to destroy a Black boy who arrived

at school with proof of his advanced knowledge and abilities, but his school ignored that, bored him into understandable inattention, and then suggested he had an ADHD disability and needed Special Ed.

(With homeschool, he started college at 14 and eventually earned

a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, 

and he graduated Magna Cum Laude.)

We have to fight to keep our Black boys, gifted or not, out of an unjustified Special Ed placement. What you don't know could be allowing public schools to steer your child into the school-to-prison pipeline!

This book discusses issues like: 


​Did you know there is no medical test for ADHD! We are too quick to give our children toxic drugs for a diagnosis based on someone's subjective opinion! 

Age-Appropriate Classes Placement

Highly gifted children become painfully bored and inattentive in age-appropriate classes that move much too slowly for them. If you know your child is gifted beyond age-appropriate classes and you're told s/he has a learning or attention disorder (when the disorder is actually in the class placement), you need to be prepared to advocate.


Teacher Bias and Special Education


Teacher bias against Black students may be subconsciously based on negative stereotypes, or more than likely it is conscious and deliberate. Either way, it's very prevalent. They seem to like to shuttle Black students - especially the boys - into Special Ed classes. Parents, you do not have to allow the school to evaluate your child for Special Education. You have rights and options.

Parent Advocacy

Parental advocacy is vital, but it doesn't always yield good results. Does your gifted child hate school because of ostracism or the lack of challenging lessons? Does your Black child hate school because s/he's treated unfairly by the teacher(s)? Either scenario alone could be an endless struggle; imagine the struggle if your child is both gifted and Black in public school! Learn what you need to know to advocate effectively, and find out what other education options exist if public school fails to make the changes you want for your child.



The plight of Black children, especially the boys, in America's public schools has not diminished over time; the methods used to destroy them have merely been given new labels and procedures that lead to medicating and moving Black children into Special Education classes toward achieving the desired end – setting them up for a future of crime and prison. From what I’ve seen, experienced, and heard from other parents and even some teachers, bias among teachers (the vast majority of whom are white females) is hardly “implicit.” If we’re going to be honest, their bias is explicit and deliberate against Black children.

As for the gifted, public schools - reflecting much of American society's opinion - seem to think gifted concerns are elitist and should be ignored. They'll say these children underachieve, when in reality schools cause them to non-achieve since they've already achieved much more than schools want them to do. 

Black male students,  gifted or not, are the most underserved and educationally suppressed students in public schools. Our children cannot demand a fair and appropriate education - they need parents to stand up for them. We do not have a stronger advocate for Black children's education than Dr. Umar Johnson. His YouTube videos and books are eye-opening and empowering. We cannot afford to be timid about advocating for our children in public school!


The following track, "Sabotage", speaks about the unfortunate extremes in educational disparities and mis-education that many Black children endure, but disparities and mis-education are perpetrated on Black children in "good" schools too:



SABOTAGEby Jitu Tha Jugganot

Used with artist's permission.

Normally $19.99

During COVID $12.99

Shipping included 

within the United States.

"Your book gave me strength." 

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~ Jack Burnett

ManUp! teacher

Your book is badly needed by parents and the public in general who don't realize that public schools can and do mistreat and miseducate children for their own convenience and personal biases.

~ Richard Huntly

Author, Public Speaker

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