Your Children Need You to Advocate for Their Education.

Stand Between Your Children and the School-to-Prison Pipeline!

The damage to a child's future

starts in early elementary school! 

The first part of BEYOND MIS-EDUCATION documents the way public schools treated my son despite knowing how very advanced he was. He arrived at school a good, well-behaved child, anxious to learn new things and make friends.


Public schools ignored written suggestions for my son from the College of William & Mary whose gifted program he had participated in since age 4. He was intellectually neglected and emotionally abused in pubic schools. "Education malpractice" would seem to be a good name for it. (,education%20malpractice,-to%20have%20a)

I waited a long time to remove my son permanently from public school because I just couldn't believe things would not get better. I do know that had I not been an involved parent advocating for my son's education and some semesters homeschooling him to give him a break from the nonsense, he would have become a disgusted dropout rather than starting college classes at 14 and ultimately earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with high honors - Magna Cum Laude.


BEYOND MIS-EDUCATION will show you with lots of documentation the hard truth of what could happen to your child in public school if you aren't keeping tabs on what's going on. If public school isn't working for your child, take steps to provide a better education experience before it's too late.

The second part of the book is sort of a reference guide. It will help you consider things like:

​You might wonder, "How do I know if my child has ADHD?" You need to know ASAP, before public school has a chance to start the labeling, excessive punishing, and suggesting Special Ed. The problem may actually be a teaching impediment, not a student behavior problem or learning disability. 


The ADHD statistics in public schools are staggering, yet there is no medical test for ADHD. A teacher could have that opinion because s/he just doesn't like your child. The doctor who makes the diagnosis will likely as not just go along with what the teacher thinks, get paid, and be done with the situation. Are toxic drugs the right approach to helping our children with a diagnosis based on someone's subjective opinion with no actual proof? 


Age-Appropriate Class Placement


Age-appropriate classes move much too slowly for the highly or profoundly gifted child. This matters a lot in elementary school, because this is where the foundation is laid for all of a child's education years. It's where the child begins to learn to like or hate school.


Will the HG or PG child be prevented from reaching his or her potential because public school won't allow the type of challenge needed to feed a love of learning? Will the school instead create an ostracized and bored dropout? They can't take the child's brilliance from him, but they can prevent him from making the most of his gifts, or worse - leaving him so angry and bored that he uses his brilliance for crime, and you know where that leads.

And what about the HG or PG Black child? It seems as if schools simply refuse to acknowledge an "uppity Black kid" who has the nerve to be so gifted, and so this mind has a very real chance of ending up wasted in Special Ed.

It can be extremely hard to break through the rigid public school thinking that limits gifted children to age-appropriate class placement. How do you defend your gifted child against unfair behavior labels and false learning disability labels when your child is just bored to death? 

The Public School Pipeline to Prison

Implicit bias may not be implicit at all; that may be just a sanitized term for a biased cultural mindset that's pervasive in public schools. Does teacher bias steer Black students, gifted or not, into Special Education and, hence, the pipeline to prison? (See my blog for statistics that tell the unbiased truth.)


The plight of Black male children in America's public schools has not diminished over time; the methods used to destroy them have merely been given new labels and procedures.


The "under-achieving gifted child" may be just a figment of the imagination of the teacher who bores the child due to lack of the specialized training needed to work with gifted children, especially highly or profoundly gifted children.

Black male children as well as highly and profoundly gifted children are the most underserved and educationally suppressed students in public schools, starting in elementary school. They need their parents to stand up for them.


Mom...Dad...You can help your child avoid the all-too-common fate of going from unfounded labels, excessive punishments, and inappropriate Special Ed placement, to hopeless frustration, crime, and eventual prison. You just need the knowledge to work with.


My book can help, and it's easy to search for more info online. Just put your questions in the search bar - thousands or millions of possible answers will appear!


The following track, "Sabotage" by Jitu the Jugganot, speaks about the unfortunate extremes in educational disparities and mis-education that many Black children are faced with, but disparities and mis-education are perpetrated on Black children in "good" schools too...

SABOTAGEby Jitu Tha Jugganot

"Your book gave me strength." 

~ Tion Langley, Parent

"Thank you my Sista for a truly necessary and inspiring work!" 

~ Jack Burnett

ManUp! teacher

Your book is badly needed by parents and the public in general who don't realize that public schools can and do mistreat and miseducate children for their own convenience and personal biases.

~ Richard Huntly

Author, Public Speaker

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