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My name is Donna and this is my spot! Sorry...I loved Toy Story. Seriously, I'm Donna Shannon. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. I enjoy reading books and science magazines, singing, writing, traveling, and sculpting (clay). I also like movies - especially comedy and science fiction. And I gave birth to a profoundly gifted son.


I didn't know when my baby lifted his big heavy head and looked me in the eyes right after his birth, that it indicated he was going to be so... different. His profound intelligence made getting a meaningful public school education impossible. I had to stand up for my son in what were basically hostile school situations. Homeschooling started becoming necessary in 1st grade! I let him do some grades in public school just so he'd know he could survive, because he'd have to be strong to survive in the "real world." Some grades we homeschooled, and with homeschool, he was able to start college classes at 14.

What my son endured in public school got me worried about what other Black children are subjected to by teachers who are suffering with "implicit bias syndrome" and refuse to acknowledge legitimate boredom, whether it's due to having a different learning style or to extreme intelligence and very advanced knowledge.


As an education advocate, I became an author because I wanted - no, needed - to share my son's education story...the good, the bad, and the grotesque. I wrote it to help other Black parents advocate for their children's education. I consider myself a qualified education advocate. Sometimes, real life experience is just as valuable as getting certified or even earning a PhD. In my humble opinion, this is one of those times, because my information is not theory that I was taught - my son and I lived it.


Thank you for visiting this website. Feel free to send me your comments, questions, or suggestions using the form below. Above all, please make sure your "advocacy muscles" are ready for a fight in case your child ever needs you to step in and stand between him or her and the school-to-prison pipeline. Blessings...


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DISCLAIMER: This website does not offer legal advice, nor does the book. Both share information and  encourage parent advocacy. No liability is assumed for the results of actions readers may take based on  the information given. Consult a lawyer if legal advice is needed.